Who The Hell Is Supasonic?

SupaSonic is heading the new wave of sync and licensing services.

Launched by leading international TV and film producers Nick Stillwell and David Court, SupaSonic sets out to solve the frustrating problem of securing real, credible, contemporary music at a realistic price.

All our music comes from the very best emerging bands and artists from across Europe. You can find out more on how we source our music here. But even before we built this awesome site we had Sony Pictures, Channel 4 and numerous games companies and movies bashing down our door pleading to use the bands music.

But please remember, you won't find any bland library music on SupaSonic, it's all current, fresh, relevant to modern audiences and is way ahead of the curve.

We totally exist to save media producers both time and money. You can listen to, share, download to try, then purchase and receive the full contract with only a few clicks of a mouse. No hassle, no record labels, no complex contracts.

We can even tell you which bands are most popular across the social networks with over 4 million connected fans so you can consider marketing your media project directly to the bands fan bases. Just contact us directly and we'll make this happen!

We also look after our artists, they receive half of every sync fee and we help them maxermise the publicity they get from every sync through our sister consumer music destination, SupaJam.

So try us out. You've got nothing to loose and if you don't want to go through our catalog then just contact David Court or Nathan Cole below with your brief and they'll do all the hard work for you for free!

We're here to help and you can reach David Court at davidc@supasonicmusic.com

You can also reach us in the office on  +44 (0) 1342 850 053

Thanks, and enjoy!